5 Advantages of Responsive Web Design

It is expected that one day the mobile internet usage is expected to overtake desktop browsing. As a matter of fact, we are already experiencing it. As the number of mobile internet users continue to increase, there is an increased need for responsive web design in order to accommodate these increased numbers. To be able to tap into this growing market, businesses are required to optimize their websites for mobile devices. With a responsive web design, your website can adjust conveniently to any screen size of the device you are using provided that the device uses a full web browser. In addition to this, your website is capable of adjusting to different desktop screen resolutions which is what you are after.

1) Increased reach to your tablet and mobile audiences
Over the recent years, we’ve experienced an increase in internet usage and a general proliferation of web applications on both the mobile devices and the tablets. Traditionally web users would be redirected to a device specific site such as a mobile device but things have changed with responsive mobile design. With such designs one site can be implemented across all devices. With the number of sales via the tablet expected to increase tremendously over the coming few years, you can understand why it is important to make your website responsive.

2) Increased conversion rates
A responsive web design gives the user an improved site experience because it limits the need for redirection. With a consistent user experience, it creates a positive impact on your conversion rates as people will be familiarized with how navigate through your website across all the devices. This in turn removes any kinds of barriers which are normally created by having multiple sites.

3) Cost effective
It is always advantageous to have a single site that is capable of conforming to the needs of all the devices as compare to having a different website for each device. Even common sense dictates that one website costs less than having two of them. Therefore, if you are looking to enhance your savings significantly, you may want to start considering a responsive web design.

4) You get to publish content just once
Staying on top of a single website can be daunting on its own but having to keep tabs of multiple websites or apps for different devices is almost an impossible task. It is not only time consuming but it can also take up most of your energy and resources. A responsive web design streamlines the process of maintaining your website.

5) SEO benefits
Besides just helping you save time and allowing you to maintain a single website, a responsive web design also has some SEO benefits. Instead of having to build links in order to attract traffic to your multiple sites, a responsive web design allows you to concentrate your SEO efforts on just one single website which means that all the link juice are directed to one place which is good in as far as SEO is concerned.

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